Verrückte Idee: Mobile Datenflatrate für 10€

Tchibo bietet ab nächstem Monat eine Handy-Flatrate (vom Handy ins Festnetz telefonieren) für 10€ im Monat an; Vertragslaufzeit ist 1 Monat. Ähnliche Angebote gibt es auch von Eplus, O2 und Base. Mit ein bischen Gefrickel kann man damit auch ins Internet. Theoretisch jedenfalls.

Was man für die Internetverbindung braucht:

  • 1 GSM-Modem (praktisch jedes Handy, welches sich irgendwie mit einem Rechner verbinden lässt
  • 1 Rechner, der als Dial_in-Server benutzt werden kann (sprich: 1 Verbindung zum Internet und 1 Verbindung zum Telefonnetz)

Wenn man jetzt Linux auf dem Server betreibt, kann man sich über das Handy mit dem Server verbinden. Die Verbindung hätte natürlich nur die Bandbreite eines 56K-Modems, wäre aber besser und billiger als GPRS. In den nächsten Wochen werde ich meine Theorie in die Praxis umsetzen und einen alten 486’er von mir zum Dial-In-Server umfunktionieren. Neuigkeiten dazu gibts dann im Blog.


Da ich irgendwie keinen “seriösen” Content mehr hinbekomme, schreibe ich dies hier ab sofort als “echten” Blog, in dem viel freier von der Leber weg geschrieben wird. Ich hoffe, ich halte das durch 😉

I might have finally found my desktop-environment

I have spent most of the night learning(yeah, right) and toying with the ubuntu edgy installation on my laptop. I have ranted before about the state of the linux desktop environment, because i could not find an environment which does not consume huge amounts of memory(goodbye KDE), does not think that i am an idiot(goodbye gnome) and have a taskbar(goodbye windowmaker, e17, etc.). Tonight i think i may have found the environment i was looking for: xfce. It feels alot like gnome, is faster than KDE and lets me do the things i want. Me like!

Stupid things today: Naming Jesus the king of your country

A resolution has been proposed to the polish parliament which would name Jesus as the king of Poland.

I don’t think that the stupidity of that resolution can be put into words. Even the hyper-conservative catholic church of Poland is against it!

But thank god that the voting on the resolution will happen sometimes in january, meaning that i still win my bet with Reuben even though the intelligent people in Poland revolt.

Friendship is: pain

Today i helped a co-worker to move. My co-worked hat made a call for help and nine people agreed to show up. From these nine who agreed to come, only two actually showed up. I was one of them. I am now living in a world of pain where every movement results in agony. Sore muscles suck.

Killer-games and the internet:
Why the current generation is lost to politicians

As you may or may not know, three weeks ago a 18 years old boy went into his former school and started shooting people. This incident has caused several politicians to demand a ban on all violent video games. Some (like Bavarian minister of internal affairs Beckstein or the Lower Saxony minister of internal affairs Schünemann) even go so far as to demand 2 years of custody for creators and distributors of violent games. According to them, video games are nothing but a waste of time whose only aim is to lower the inhibition threshold and to prepare new school-shootings.

Considering that about 80% of the people between 14 and 21 years regularly play some sort of video game, these politicians should not complain about the fact that the youth is alienated from the politics.

Wolfgang Schäuble (Germany’s minister of interior affairs) fits nicely into the picture of the ignorant, technology-hating politician: he considers the internet to be a “distance university and training camp for terrorists”. He thinks that Internet surveillance and censorship are the way to go in the war on terror. Anyone how has some knowledge over the way the Internet works knows that you cannot block content. Those who want to access the terrorist-propaganda can do just that (an encrypted tunnel to a server outside of Germany and the whole censorship is useless). China has been trying the same thing for years with huge efforts, and the great firewall of china still does not block everything.

Well, i start blogging again

This must be my fourth attempt at a blog. My first two died the classical “no update for 6 months”-death. My third is hosted at the Fellowship of the Free Software Foundation Europe and still lives.

This fourth one is simply an experiment. I cannot guarantee that it will live on, but as I host it myself I have much more incentive to keep on writing.

I will post here whatever is on my mind – mostly things related to IT, as my main focus in my free time lies on all things computer-related.

So, welcome to the blog.